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Dough Vale 

your low gluten italian restaurant 

              The name Dough Vale comes from our values in slow  food preparation and family traditions. Dough is because we carefully seletected 5 different types of flour ( Semolina, Rice Flour, Soy Flour, Spelt Flour and , recently we added Corn Flour) to achieve a Dough that is low on gluten and easy on our organism. We adopt a minimum of three day maturation and a two step fermentation.

            Our Dough has 80 % of hydration and the scent of our product fresh out of the oven will leave you longing for more.  Vale is a short name for Valentina, the daughter of the owner, chef and creator Giuseppe Cangiolosi, veteran of the Nyc pizza industry for over 20 years. Having his daughters name in the buisness title reminds him everyday of the main goal of his restaurant, and that is to make a product that is safe and healthy for our kids, and hopes to be a foundation for new traditions to come.  

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